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July 7-8 ,  2022

4:30 - 7:30 AM 

USD 240


July 7-8,  2022

7:30 - 10:30 AM

RMB 1534

LOCATIONZoom Platform

Course Description

This course will give teachers tools to respectfully and effectively support students in building and strengthening self-regulation skills. Research regarding the evolution of emotional regulation in the process of human development will be explore. In addition, the importance of co-regulation in the adult-child classroom relationships will be explored through experiential exercises. 

Participants will learn the neurobiology related to human reactions to threats and perceived threats, as well as some instructional tools to teach students about this. This shared understanding can create a culture of self-regulation inside the classroom that can be supported by classroom structures such as a calm down area, sensory exploration baskets, and skill-building role play. 

In addition, teachers will be exposed to additional lessons and group settling practices that they can use in the classroom to prepare students to engage in optimal learning. Finally, a developmental approach to assessing self-regulation skills will be introduced. 



Jill Stansbury

Jill Stansbury is a Social and Emotional Learning Consultant and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction trainer based out of Blaine, Washington. In addition, she is a certified Positive Discipline teacher & parent educator/trainer and has facilitated parent and educator learning communities in preschools, charter schools, independent schools, homeless shelters, and online in both China and the United States for 14 years.

She holds a master's degree in educational leadership from DePaul University and a Montessori teaching credential. Brown University recognizes her as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher, and she has been studying and practicing mindfulness for 25 years. She has over 25 years of classroom and administrative experience in early childhood through secondary education. Her goal has always been to guide people to look at their strengths and learn additional tools to increase wellness. This course is part of her vision to share that approach with as many individuals, educators and parents as possible so that the world becomes a place that welcomes and cares for us all.


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